"Casting spells is dangerous, you of all people should know." My father once casted a spell when I was very little. It all happened in a flash, there was blood and smell of rotten flesh. "I know mother, I just wanted to look through fathers old spell book that's all." After my father died. the government decided to do away with magic. "All right, but be careful where you are when you go out with that book."

Alone in the secret place with Papa God; alone in a world where light meets the earth.

Записаться на наращивание волос в Москве можно по телефону: +7 925 700 71 61.   волосы прическа девушка стиль косы

Wedding hairstyle idea - loose updo with flower headband perfect for bride or bridesmaids {Courtesy of Brit + Co}

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It was made of photos of frosty patterns in the last winter model - me Winter patterns on the window

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