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Horse Breed brands
Really, what more is there to say? If you've ever been horse shopping you know how absurdly time-consuming, gut-wrenching, and soul-sucking it can be. How awesome would it be to have a horse store?? I'm down. ;)
Alternative ribbons for horse shows
Ride Like a Girl
If poetry is taught the right way, students should be cheering at the thought of a Poetry Workshop day. This blog post outlines the "why" of Poetry Workshop along with tips and tricks that I have picked up to make any poetry unit a raging success in your middle school classroom.
Ahh so thats why people don't teach their horses to load! My horses are not safe!
You have just finished cooling down from what, in your mind, was the best lesson you have had in months…  As you are tending to your horse, that afterglow feeling is radiating from you; the f…
Horse grooming box list for your tack room/grooming stall/barn More
Do you have the facts on the bit most commonly used in riding today? If not, we're breaking down the parts of the snaffle and the common ring and mouthpieces you'll find.
SHOW SEASON IS UPON US… Are you ready for the nerves, the hurrying up and waiting, the broken vending machines, far-away porta-potties, and that rider who keeps beating you by .5 seconds in the jump off? WE ARE! Whether it’s your fiftieth show season or your first, the key to a successful show trip is having a killer show kit. Below, we’ve listed show essentials and pro tips for a smooth show season. Read more at The Rider’s Closet About the Author Sophia is a competitive hunter/jumper...