орнаменты на одежде

14 Pins
an icon of st nicholas the great, holding a cross and scroll in his right hand
Екатерина Александрийская, вмц
an image of two dresses hanging on the wall in front of a window with gold trim
a painting on the side of a wooden wall with an image of a woman holding a book
a pair of shoes sitting on top of a blue and gold wallpaper covered floor
a painting of a man with a cross on his chest and wearing gold clothing,
an old painting on the side of a wall with different colors and designs in it
an old painting of a man wearing a red and gold outfit with his hands in his pockets
Annunciazione con i santi Gregorio, Giovanni Battista, Giacomo e Stefano
a red and gold fabric with two golden birds on it
Dragana Djordjevic
an artistic painting of a woman's head in gold and red colors with beads on it
a painting of a woman holding a book
an image of a painting of a priest in gold and green robes with red accents