Alexander Rodchenko KAKAO 1924

Alexandre Mikhaïlovitch Rodtchenko 1891 - 1956 Александр Михайлович Родченко Artiste russe à la fois peintre, sculpteur, photographe et designer

Born in Russia in 1891 Rodchenko became an artist and designer of many mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, advertising and packaging. Heavily influenced by the upheaval surrounding the Russian revolution of 1917, he was one of the most prolific constructivist artists of the period. He was also a member of the Productivists, which pushed for the introduction of art into every day life, a concept which in many ways describes modern day graphic design.

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@-ROUND the world with Google Earth : Vladimir Mayakovsky "A Conversation with a Tax-collector about Poetry”, designed by the great Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1926.  Mayakovsky defined his rhyme in this important agitprop poem as "a keg of dynamite".

Aleksander Rodchenko, Photomontage for Vladimir Mayakovsky’s “Conversations with a Tax Collector About Poetry”, 1926

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