Dumplings, baked in the oven

Dumplings, baked in the oven

The secrets of delicious pasties

То your attention a wonderful selection of recipes for the most delicious chebureks.

Jellied meat

Jellied meat Ingredients: - 300 g of beef (tenderloin) - 20 g gelatin - 200 g of carrots - 100 g onion - 2 eggs (boiled) - Bay leaf - pepper - salt -

Chicken in cream and cheese

Simply delicious chicken in cream and cheese The way to a man is through . this recipe chicken in cream and cheese. Chicken fillet soaked cream and get

The meat in foil with vegetables

The meat in foil with vegetables

The meat pie «easy as pie»

This is the best liquid dough pies, because it on yogurt without mayonnaise. Components for the test there in every home. Its preparation takes only 15 minutes and get excellent results. Help out in any situation.

Chicken fillet in batter

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Meat cupcake

Cheese - 100 g Mayonnaise - 100 g Sour cream - 100 g Beans - 400 g Eggs - 3 pcs.