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an open notebook with two drawings of foxes and flowers on the pages next to a rubber duck
a drawing of a deer with flowers on it
Sarved! <3 Mehr
a drawing of some pink flowers on a white paper next to a pencil and marker
Esgo ☾ Would love this right at the crease of my inner arm!
a drawing of a rose with leaves and diamonds on the bottom half of its face
* I like the use of overlaying shapes and the contrast of color.
a drawing of a woman with long hair
t r a n s a t l a n t i c i s m
pιnтereѕт // conғυѕedтυмвlr ☾
a drawing of flowers on paper with a pen
#wip done by @cassandra_tattoos from #inktober
an image of a woman's face with flowers and pen on top of it
a black and white drawing of a rose with geometric shapes on it's side
tattoo rosa
Resultado de imagem para tattoo rosa
a drawing of a rose with leaves on it's side and an abstract diamond in the background
Geo Rose II Art Print by Kit King
>> Geo Rose II Artwork Print by Package King & Oda | Society6
a woman's arm with phases of the moon on it
moon tattoo #moon_tattoo_sleeve
an old fashioned tattoo design is shown in black and white, as well as arrows
Photoshop Lady - Top Graphic Content and Most Advanced Stock Image Search Engine
a drawing of two wolfs with trees in the background
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Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2357
an ink drawing of a fox wearing a crown
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This! Except change fox to a jackalope!
a drawing of a deer with a heart and key in it's antlers
an ink drawing of some animals in the woods
a drawing of a wolf with a skull on it's head and leaves around its neck
a deer with pink flowers on it's antlers in front of a star
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a drawing of a rose with green leaves on it next to a pen and ink
#акварель тату по этому эскизу - 3т.р. (Работа делается только одному человеку)…
a drawing of a lion's head on top of a piece of paper next to a pen
Lion drawing Mais #lion_tattoo_drawing
a black and white drawing of a lion's face on a piece of paper
Eae consegue fazer? :3