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Vera Bobyleva
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Wanted “Andromeda” to reflect the composition of my early Mass Effect work~ I decided to put them on Havarl since it’s the Angaran homeworld and they’re kind of the new big race in the.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda I am head cannoning that my Ryder is going to look up to my Shepard as a role model.

Considering turians' armor isn't shaped like their upper body, they should really fix it :P

This is the first comic I ever saw for Mass Effect, before i even played the game. I love it so much and even more now *squees*

Vetra and Ryder by on @DeviantArt

I've been busy playing Mass Effect Wanted to draw Jaal too but I got lazy ~Find me on my other social media~ &nbs. Vetra and Ryder

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XD I'm a big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender ( Not the horror that was the movie though ) And I can't wait for The Leg. Korra and The Airbenders

Fenris and Hawke 01 by chakhabit on deviantART

Fenris and Hawke 01 by chakhabit on deviantART - aww this is cute

Raining Days

Raining Days