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two different types of neurotransmitters are shown in this table diagram
Reflexology, Ayurveda, Circadian Rhythm, Integrative Health, Health Science, Health Knowledge, Health Facts, Cortisol, Hormone Health
Finding Health Within Using The Mind-Body Connection And The Circadian Rhythm
The location of emotions
The location of emotions
the human brain and its functions infographicly displayed on a whiteboard with information about it
The Human Brain Its Structures and Their Functions (Infographic)
the neurotransmitter chart is shown
Neurotransmitter Chart - Yoga for Brain Health
Crime, Forensic Psychology, Mental Health Statistics, Integrity, Forensic Science
The Stigma of Mental Illness Post #2
Cognitive Behavior, Cognitive Distortions
Cognitive Distortions: Unhelpful Thinking Styles — Ines Pandzic, PhD
an info poster with information about the different types of people's brain and their functions
Cherish the good days...
a poster with different types of mental disorders
Mental Illness Deserves A Sick Day Just Like A Physical Illness
the four types of memory and how they are used to help them understand what it means
Why Does Trauma Change Your Memories?
two different types of the same table, one with words on it and one with words in
Differences Between Jung and Freud
an info sheet describing how to treat a life
Musab Nomani
Challenges, Wellness, Challenge Accepted, Wellness Challenge
The science of emotions – How It Works
the anatomy of the head and neck, with text describing how to use music and the brain
Benefits Of Music Therapy
a poster with the words where do memories live? and an image of a man's head
Mind & Body Information Hub