On days like these all I wanna do is drink tea and read books
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This is an awesome quote and all, but did anyone else read it, "You are not a derp in the ocean" ..? Just me? Okay.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” - Rumi ~ brilliance and wisdom brought to you by (Rumi and) your friends at Lucky Bloke.

Wat is nou meer lieflik as 'n stomende koppie koffie en 'n goeie boek.

DIY autumnal tea: -Cup of boiled water -Apple peel and Orange rind -Sprinkle of Ground Ginger -Sprinkle of Ground Cinnamon -Dash of Peach Ice Tea Sweetener Add all ingredients into a mug of boiled water, mix, let it all infuse then enjoy!

whether you're a coffee connoisseur, or an avid tea drinker, everyone can benefit from the practice of slowing down to enjoy a cup of tea mid-afternoon. click through for a few of my favorite ways to embrace tea time.

I initially swapped my daily coffee for morning tea for health reasons, but the longer I spend exploring the practices and traditions, the more enamored I become with tea drinking. Whether you're a coffee.