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Asuna and Yukki

Asuna y Yuuki // Sword art Online Asuna probably got along with her so well because she's so similar to Kirito. She's like a young, girl version of Kirito.

SinonCosplay (Anime: Sword Art Online, saison 2 ❤️ GGO)

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New Oct. Home Textile Sword Art Online 2 Anime Sinon Square Pillow Case Covers

Sword Art Online Somehow its sad cause in the past asuna was beside kirito in the middle but. Oh well the picture is cute


Kirigaya Kazuto was one of the lucky thousand players chosen to test the beta version of Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime series which features a virtual reality game where being the strongest is what matters most. Kirito Kirigaya, the anime series’ main male protagonist spends most of his time playing video games to avoid real-life.

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