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Серёга Можный
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Mosin nagant I would never do this to a piece of history but since this guy did it's pretty cool

bolt-carrier-assembly: “ coffeeandspentbrass: “ cerebralzero: “ “ очередной напиллинг: mpopenker ” Nice ” Nice ” The muzzle looks like a grenade launching spigot ”

Guard cavalrymen, Roman army, early 2nd century AD • Angus McBride

Roman guard cavalry century CE ~ these men are probably Gauls. They dress like Romans but still take their enemies heads just like their fathers and grandfathers. The heads have the hair style of Suebian Germans. Artwork by Angus McBride

Legionary Evolution by Fall3NAiRBoRnE.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This piece the Evolution of the Roman Army from the Polybian Legion on top to the armies of Constantine on the bottom. The middle represents High Imperial era.