CLASES DE TANGO EN MALAGA – PILAR OLIVARES BSD – BAILAS SOCIAL DANCE MÁLAGA CENTRO. Clases de baile para grupos y particulares. Coreografías para Primer Baile de Bodas Novios.  C/ Esperanto nº8, 29007. Málaga 951 39 33 20 // 622 71 86 86

Andre Kohn - Born in Stalingrad in the heart of the former Soviet Union.--> I had my first Argentine Tango lesson today. It was very challenging, but in all of the right ways because I want to do this dance so badly.

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Salsa-tropical is an all-ages, all-levels dance school offering performance and recreation classes, as well as workshops, events, Salsa lessons and

♔ Jeanne Samary ~ Pierre-Auguste Renoir ~ 1877

Jeanne Samary in a Low Necked Dress, de Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1877 Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia

Photo: U is UNDO everything Satan has done by loving each other, says Jesus the Son... Bible ABCS... Love, Linda  Picture Source Old Fashioned Christmas Memory,  Artist unknown to me

Sweet days gone by. Norman Rockwell, one of my favorite painters. I have many of his prints in my 1946 Wisconsin cabin.

Born in Paul Hedley was brought up in Chatham, Kent. He attended Medway College of Art from and Maidstone College of Art and was awarded the Diploma in Art and Design.

Jim Daly, Eye to Eye

Jim Daly Artist Hand Signed Fine Art Canvas Giclee: "Eye to Eye" Artist: Jim Daly Title: Eye to Eye Size: x Release Year: 2010 Medium: giclee on canvas, hand signed by the artist About.