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a man holding a camera up to his face with two birds perched on his head
Живые и мертвые - часть 25
alain delon
a man sitting on top of a traffic light in the middle of a crowded city
\\Тнαикѕ Fσя Тнє Мємσяιєѕ//
a young man sitting on top of a cement wall with his feet crossed and wearing socks
Длинный фокус, ракурс снизу, сидит на краю, солнце
a man sitting on top of a chair holding a cup
Charles de Vilmorin
ριntєrєѕt • @αlαchrуmσsєfαtє
two men in suits are sitting on a couch
Ben Allen & Robert Laby Photographed by Damon Baker and Styled by Ekaterina Melnikova for GQ Russia September 2014
two men kissing each other in front of a wall covered with newspaper
Ошибка 429
two young men standing next to each other in front of trees and fenced area
Эль и Нат♡
two young men standing next to each other in front of a building with red doors
Daniel Radcliffe Dane DeHaan Photostream
Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan Photos - Daniel Radcliffe Films 'Kill Your Darlings' - Zimbio
two men in suits are sitting on chairs and one is touching the other's neck
Account Suspended
Yves Saint Laurent
black and white photograph of people sitting on top of each other, one reading a book
calichele:“ Jean Gorguet, Adrien Jacques, Vadim Grishaev, & Timur Simakovouttake of “Men’s Fashion: How to work the country chic trend” for South China Morning Post (via)ph. & art direction: Olivier Yoanstyling: Cheryl Leunghair: Tristan...
two young men are riding skateboards down the street in black and white, one is wearing a suit
Photo (The Gifts Of Life)
Есть хорошая поговорка: «С умным умнеешь, с богатым богатеешь, с бедным беднеешь».
three men in suits are playing with a soccer ball
Dsection | Patricia McMahon Photography
a man wearing sunglasses leaning against a rail with his hand on his chin and looking off into the distance
@zxwo ❤️
a man sitting at a table in front of a bookshelf full of books
Фильдеперсовый костюм
three women in black dresses and hats are sitting on a bathroom counter while one woman is taking a selfie
Gypsum Style Back To School Fall 2014 LookBook #bad_girl_style