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Amazing and Unbeliavable Pencil Art Amazing Art acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute f.

Shroud of Turin facial reconstruction.

Jesus - Amazing rendition of the face on the Shroud of Turin. This is powerful.

shroud of Turin in Turin, Italy.... The shroud is the cloth that covered Jesus while in the tomb.

shroud of Turin in Turin, Italy. The shroud is the cloth that covered Jesus while in the tomb. The only supernatural picture ever seen of Jesus.

this is rather striking-- The shroud of Turin overlaid on the Sinai Pantocrator icon.

Transparency of High Contrast Shroud of Turin Superimposed Over St. Catherine's Icon -- not sure of this website's affiliation, but interesting nevertheless.

Our Savior Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, image based on the Shroud of Turin in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, northern Italy.

“What great sweetness there is, O Jesus, in Communion! I want to live in Your embrace and die in Your embrace.” - Saint Thérèse

CALIX [noun] a chalice; a cup for the consecrated wine of the Eucharist. Etymology: from Latin: chalice, from calici- (stem of calix) - cup.

JESUS/ this pic feels real to me what Jesus would like, loving and compassionate but also just

Emmanuel: God With Us

Actor James Caviezel says, if it weren’t for Medjugorje, he would have never played Christ in “The Passion”

Icon-The Archangel Michael | Russian Icons Amsterdam

The Temple Gallery was founded by Richard Temple in 1959 as a centre for the study, restoration and exhibition of ancient Russian icons


The Holy Face of Jesus: Jesus' Image from Shroud of Turin by Ray Downing. Link to the show. if you want to skip directly to the image ( you need to watch the show to see how much effort went into finding the image ) then go to 27 minutes and watc


Detailed view: Virgin of Vzygranie (Playful)- exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

My Light, my peace, my everything❤❤❤

A face of Jesus based on the Shroud of Turin - "Jesucristo también puede romper…


He came as the Lamb of God, but He'll return as a LION. The Lion of Judah. The Lion will lay with the Lamb.

Православная икона Божьей Матери Владимирская Одна из самых почитаемых православных икон; Считается чудотворной Дни празднования: 3 июня (21 мая по старому стилю), 6 июля (23 июня), 8 сентября (26 августа) ___________________________________________ Описание Владимирской иконы Пресвятой Богородицы: Согласно преданию, Владимирская икона Божией Матери написана святым апостолом и евангелистом Лукой…

Mother of God "Vladimirskaya" Traditional Panel Russian Orthodox icon. Traditional Panel Orthodox icon of The Mother of God "Vladimirskaya." We build traditional panel heirloom quality reproduction icons. Each icon comes with hanging hardware.