Presentation of “Shchyri” project: 15 famous Ukrainian beauties in traditional Ukrainian costumes

Ukrainian folklore is as beautiful as in other Slavic cultures, however what makes a difference now is a skilled group of Ukrainian photographers and stylist made the most amazing Slavic themed photo set ever.

19th century traditional Russian costume and kokoshnik from the collection of Natalia de Shabelsky (1841-1905). (

Traditional Russian costume and kokoshnik headdress from the collection of Natalia de Shabelsky, late century.

Женщины из семьи купца. Городец, Нижний Новгород. Конец XIX века./ Women from merchant's family. Nizniy Novgorod.

two Russian women in traditional costumes. Sitting lady wears sarafan (dress), shugay (short jacket), one-horned kokoshnik. Standing lady wears sarafan, dushegreya (bodice) and kind of kika (headdress)

The most festive form of all the maiden Headdresses was the "Coruna" - firm crown in a form of a convex hoop with cut out pattern.

'Venets' is a festive headdress of a young Russian girl in a form of a convex hoop with openwork carved patterns.

Landlady of The Copper Mountain

"Mistress of the Copper Mountain" (contemporary: Artist Andrey Shishkin) (Possible riff on Vasnetsov's Three Princesses?