Leaving New York...

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an aerial view of the empire building and surrounding skyscrapers in new york city, ny
My heart belong to New York. June 2014
a group of people playing baseball in a field with the city skyline in the background
Central Park: Photos of the Jewel of Manhattan in 1961
Central park - 1961
an empty street in front of a bridge
Pont de Brooklyn
black and white photograph of clothes hanging outside an apartment building
Harlem New York 1962 Photo: Bruce Davidson
people are standing in the snow near a tall building and traffic lights on a snowy day
Flatiron sous la neige
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings in the foreground and trees on the far side
Central Park
an image of a city street with train tracks in the foreground
b s t g
Brooklyn bridge
an old stone bridge over a river in the middle of a city with tall buildings
b s t g
Central Park