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several cement sculptures are sitting on a table together, one is made to look like an owl
Resource: Clay Monster Planters
Using a slab technique, students will create clay monsters using cylinders.
a person holding up a piece of art with flowers painted on it in the background
Contour Flower Still Life
six different designs are shown on the side of a piece of art that has been painted
Sixth Grade Art with Mrs. Baxter
four different pictures of mountains and the moon
Fifth and Sixth graders explored many different types of watercolor techniques to make these polar landscapes. #brrrr #mrsmillersartstudio #gillinghamcharterschool ❄️
many different types of monster heads on a table
a woman sitting at a table working on some art work with her cell phone in front of her
Explosion Books!
two pictures with sunflowers on them and the text looking at the same subject from multiple angles helps kids consider object as a series of shapes
Contour Drawing for Kids- An Easy Exploration - The Kitchen Table Classroom
Introduce your kids to the concept of contour drawing with these short drawing exercises. Contour lines will help teach your young artist to really see!
children are making art with paper and colored watercolors on the table in front of them
Contour Flower Still Life
Contour Flower Still Life - Small Hand Big Art - Charlotte NC
an art project is shown with different colors
Psychedelic succulents
Inspired by the artist Matea Sincovec. Students were instructed to draw a desert cactus scene.Begin with pencil and draw BIG.Outline with permanent marker. Choose either the background of the cactus to fill upwith colorful repeated lines or shapes. Whatever they do not fill up with colorful pattern, they are to useblack, white and grey designs to fill in.