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Михаил Рогожин
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Okthar Nahont (Storm Bird)

Some artwork of scifi.AND WARHAMMER.Nothing of the artwork picture is mine.the artwork of the Storm Birds.


My journey into the world of wargaming, Oldhammer and the art of being an old fashioned geek in this modern world.

wh40k dark heresy noble

atamajakki: “He also did the Advanced Specialties. Top to Bottom: Armageddon Steel Legion (Tank Ace), Vostroyan Firstborn (Sentry), Scintillian Fusiliers (Master of Ordnance), Cadian Shock Troopers.

Officier de la Marine Impériale

Another Imperial Navy officer woman from Warhammer A senior officer this time, who looks older than she is because she got caught in a radiation. Women of the Fleet 2