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Name: Phoenix International Media Center Year Built: Still unfinished Architect: BIAD UFo Used for: Home to Phoenix Satellite Television

Onion Skin Light Installation

Created by Olivier Ratsi, an artist on the ANTIVJ visual label, Onion Skin is a new immersive installation comprised of two walls, positioned at right angles

London's Serpentine Pavilion - A recent announcement regarding plans for London’s Serpentine Pavilion for summer 2015 has revealed a stunning rainbow-tinged labyrinth that .

pêle-mêle audio-visual installation by artist olivier ratsi

anamorphic loops simulate immaterial space, utilizing horizontal and vertical 'pelures' (peels) to create the illusion of depth and dematerialization.

Creative Set Design

Award-winning set design for corporate events designed, built and installed by the leading experts in stage design and set design.

CLF Aorun Debuts at AMF 2017 | TPi

CLF Aorun Debuts at AMF 2017 | TPi

Lexus RX Museum - CURIOSITY

Lexus RX Museum 2009 Tokyo, Japan The launch the new model of RX. You can drive through a crystal tunnel made from of Optical fibers.

Fontane di design CONNECTICUT'S

Stainless steel (water) Abstract Contemporary or Modern Outdoor Outside Exterior Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary sculpture by artist Barton Rubenstein titled: 'Synergy (stainless Steel Very Big Modern Water Kinetic sculptures)'

Image result for 2D 3D forest set

LOVE this stage scenery. Rolled cardboard and paper trees could recreate something like this.and then some pine trees, snow on the bridge and lots of ribbons, lanterns and poinsettias could turn it into a Christmas setting