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Looks like the bear is walking amongst fairies.


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a statue sitting in the middle of a body of water with trees in the background
The lady in the pond At St Ignatious Retreat house #maureencarolannballbernardcreations
a stone bridge over a small stream in the middle of a field next to trees with orange leaves on them
a lake surrounded by lush green grass and trees under a blue sky with white clouds
an aerial view of old buildings in the city with cloudy skies behind them, including tall towers
a house on the shore of a lake surrounded by trees and mist covered mountains in the background
Loch Achray, Scotland (THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS)
Loch Achray, Scotland | THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS | Bloglovin’
a small stream running through a snow covered field next to a castle in the distance
a river running through a lush green forest filled with lots of snow covered trees and bushes
A Wintery View..
A Wintery View.. ^
an old stone bridge over a small pond in the middle of a field with trees
Stourhead in Wiltshire on a fall morning
an old building in the middle of a forest with lots of trees and leaves around it
Stourhead Gardens, Pride and Prejudice
a boat is sitting in the grass near some flowers and water with a castle in the background
Climapod Greenhouses: Your Choice for Year-Round Gardening Success
Scotland #wild #plant #nature