Эфиопский дневник №09 - Священные острова озера Тана

Episode 09 (out of Sergei Vertelov arrives in the city of Bahir- Dar and takes a boat trip on the nearby Lake Tana.

Эфиопский дневник №10 - Эпилог: Момбаса. Канаты надежды.

The "Mombasa diaries. Camels on the beach, fishermen and ropes of hope" this is the final vlog of the "Ethiopian Diaries" series.

Эфиопский дневник №08 -  Замки Фасиледэса и День Рождения

Finishing his trip to the Symen mountains, Sergei returned back to Gondar. Here he will visit the the ancient castles of Emperor Fasiledes- the Fasil Gebbhi .

Эфиопский дневник №07 -  На самой вершине Сыменских гор

This is the third and most exciting day of Sergei Vertelov’s solo expedition into the Symen mountains of Ethiopia.

Эфиопский дневник №06 - Добрые хоббиты горных деревень

In this episode: the second day of Sergei’s solo journey over the Symen plato in Ethiopia at an altitude of almost 3400 meters.

Эфиопский дневник №05 - «Кровоточащее сердце» Сыменских гор

In this episode Sergei Vertelov will start his journey to the Semien mountains, which are situated in the Northern part of the Ethiopian Highlands to the Nor.

Эфиопский дневник №04 - Песни «Азмари» и мой брат Ферэу

Ethiopian diary – The Azmari and my brother Fereu.

Эфиопский дневник №03 - Позитивные вибрации Гондара

In our third episode: after spending his last night in Ethiopia's capital Addis-Ababa, Sergei is on his way to the historical city of Gondar.

Эфиопский дневник №02 - Аддис-Абеба. День второй.

We shall visit the Curch of the Holy Trinity, the b.

Эфиопский дневник №01 - Аддис-Абеба. День первый.

We are starting a thrilling new documentary mini series about a resent expedition to Ethiopia, a land of mystery and ancient traditions, the cradle of Orthod.