Amazing crochet cat! LOLOL ok, yes amazing..but hysterical also. Laughing so hard my belly hurts!! ~tn

I think this is from a Russian artist, I laughed out loud when I saw this.

so cute, must try to make this bunny

Did Girl Bunny Rabbit: picture of a hand drawn outline for a pattern. Could make the clothes separate and make an actual body or midsection for the bunny.

Pattern panels printed directly on the fabric: Riley Blake Doll Clothes Tutorial

Doll Clothes Panel Tutorial

Crochet Dolls - use this pattern for the body and the ideas for hair, face and clothing are endless

Мышка-ушастик. Мягкая игрушка | КУКЛЫ МАК | Постила


No credit info available on this :( if you know it, please let me know, leave it…

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