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the mm interiors logo is shown in black and white
MM Interiors logo design
I think that this typographic logo is really eye catching. The artist chose to use only the first half of the M's but your eye kind of fills in the blank space anyway because the spacing is just perfect. So simple and elegant.
a black and white photo with dots in the shape of a rectangle on a white background
AGI Open London 26—27.09.13
Letter G, even though it's a logo...Álvaro Sotillo — Galería de Arte Nacional Logo (1977)
a black and white photo of a foot print on a paper with the letter d
Tony Ziebetzki's Type Scan Alphabet
German graphic designer Tony Ziebetzki combines papercraft and lettering for his series Type Scan Alphabet.
the letter g is made up of geometric shapes
Design Quixotic - xolomolox: Alphabetica by Andrew Fairclough