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Sergey Popovichev
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Hip & Knee (Tight Psoas Watches)

Hip and Knee poster illustrates movement of hips: adduction, abduction, extension and flexion. Various views of the knee — oblique, anterior (patella removed) and posterior — are depicted.

Extensor Indicis - UW Radiology

Extensor Indicis: Origin - posterior surface of ulna and interosseous membrane. Insertion - extensor expansion of digit. Action - extends digit and helps to extend hand.

individual muscles - origin, insertion, action, innervation and arterial supply

TERES MAJOR// Origin: inferior scapula// Insertion: lesser tubercle of humerus// Action: medial rotation, adduction, extension of shoulder

Veins of the neck -Left lateral view. The principal veins of the neck are the internal, external, and anterior jugular veins.

Neck - Atlas of Anatomy - Atlas of Anatomy, is the essential resource for anyone studying gross anatomy. This atlas guides you step-by-step through each region of the body, helping you master the details of anatomy.