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:'( one direction

but I will still love the boys no matter what. I just want the old boys back. Directioner stuffs is getting super duper drama-y recently<<<< agreed but I do miss the old boys very much

One Direction

This girl is getting so much hate x >> She is kind of bragging and most girls cannot afford one ticket x

Liam slipped and fell on stage tonight (what he tweeted about)>>> poor liam. Haha it rained so much! Musta been so wet!

we all thought harry would fall at the concert but it was liam instead [turning tables by adele plays in the background] (Croke Park Stadium

1D's response to Miley's performance...same boys same.

One directions faces I laughed at that too but what about the guy in the back looking up like lord Jesus please help me>>>> that isn't just SOME guy in the back that is Paul! His reaction is the best!