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'Hidden Identity' Final Foundation Project outcomes on Behance

These are my final outcomes for my 'Hidden Identity' part 3 art and design Foundation Course project. I explored the theme of hidden identity and how people can lose their identity if they become part of a crowd or, in this case a riot.

Patchwork: Mr Fairburn started on the map portraits in August last year following some previous work using wood to create the pattern of skin

Map Portraits: Ed Fairburn uses intricate details of maps to outline various human features. He spends months crosshatching faces hidden within topographical features.

Ed Fairburn More Here

Mapped Face // Ed Fairburn on Graphic Mixed Media. Ed Fairburn has recently produced new works that live in a magical place between sculpture and drawings.

gcse art mind maps - Google Search

CREATIVE VISUAL MIND MAPS: Exploring the topic ‘Force’, this mixed media mind map contains a wealth of details, texture and depth. Similar colours have been used throughout, linking the different aspects of the work and making the page cohesive.

Cordes défaites de Landini

bobbycaputo: Unbraided Rope Installations by Janaina Mello Landini Branch Like Roots and Nervous Systems