I love that headboard and the color of the room not the faux fur blanket though! Love the soft, muted purple gray.

That moment when you were suppose to wake up at and realize you looked at Insta and it's now obviously this gorgeous bedroom caught my eye for way to long. Stunning N styling by Check out our range of Mongolian sheepskins link in bio

HousesDesign. Фотография из статьи «Маленькая спальня: правила создания «умного» дизайна»

idea for cupboard layout

Спальня белая

“ Tiny apartment located in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev designed by Sergey Harenko ”

Занавески в спальню: обзор трендовых новинок и 85+ эстетически совершенных идей для комнаты http://happymodern.ru/zanaveski-v-spalnyu-foto/ zanaveski_v_spalnu_56 Смотри больше http://happymodern.ru/zanaveski-v-spalnyu-foto/

dark blue curtains and bright curtains bedroom modern Scandinavian style Modern curtains or curtains for the bedroom should have at least two functions