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Goal for 2016.

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50 facts about the ocean — Cosmos Newsblog

These 50 Fascinating Facts About The Ocean Will Boggle Your Mind Who knew we had learned so much about an environment we've explored so little? Headshot of Jacqueline Howard Jacqueline Howard Associate Science Editor, The Huffington Post Posted:

Famous Rivalries: Sperm Whale vs. Giant Squid. I'm pulling for the squid...he seems like a real bad ass and the whale's just a jerk with jizz on its head.

I'm pulling for the squid.he seems like a real bad ass and the whale's just a jerk with jizz on its head.

[Infographic] You Need to See This Bioluminescent Fungus

This is a cool colour palette of all the different glow in the dark animals, this shows that there is more than just one colour glow. this links with my theme as I am looking at bioluminescence and this shows some animals that use that technique.

underwater mangrove - Google zoeken

Mangrove forests, which grow along tropical coastlines throughout the world, serve vital ecological functions. They act as filters for runoff, sponges for wave energy, and nurseries for marine life.

kelp forest Jim Patterson Photography

The underwater visibility along the California coast is highly variable, but in winter months, the Pacific can turn a deep shade of blue. This large kelp forest off the coast of Big Sur is an example of this intense clarity.