Vintage Russian Matchbox

Soviet space dogs matchbox labels Laika - Sputnik 3 Nov 1957 Belka and Strelka - Korabl-Sputnik 19 Aug 1960

Russian matchbox label

Russian Satellite and Moon, Russia, matchbox graphic (part of space rocket series) lithograph on pasteboard? Interesting how the shape parallels the Seattle World's Fair Space Needle of

USSR ... happy flying planes! by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

This poster is called Long live to our happy Socialist Motherland!, it was created by Klutsis G.


Vintage Soviet tea advertising poster: "Tea, a healthy drink" (also in a nice Soviet porcelain teapot, probably Dulevo)

Russian matchbox label (4 x 9 inches) circa 1960.

Birds - Jumbo Russian matchbox label x 9 inches) circa Outer label for set of smaller matchboxes.