Fun DIY Craft Ideas – 52 Pics

DIY utensil holder project idea: upcycle old tin cans in to a beautiful container for your utensils


Invite Nature In With 20 Incredible Indoor Plant Ideas-homesthetics how to grow an avocado tree at home gardening

Bottle Terrium Finish Product

Led terrariums-this answered a question on my mind - did LED lights work well on plants -they must!


Crassula arborescens 'Silver Dollar' top left, Kalanchoe luciae 'Flapjacks' center left, Crassula argentea 'Finger Jade' top & center right, Graptopetalum bottom front.

Metro tiles / subway tiles / плитка кабанчик / bathroom / ванная / санузел

Blue Paisley is a gorgeous color for a ceiling in a bathroom lacking color. The contrasting white brings out Blue Paisley's soothing undertones.

teal bathroom supplemented by white vanity unit with porceline wash basin A frameled mirror built in racks and wall mounted toilet

They even manage to nestle a little washing machine into the small bathroom, much to the consternation of local laundromats.

Бирюзовый цвет в интерьере. 50 идей - Сундук идей для вашего дома - интерьеры…

The interior of a Swedish seaside home built in I love this shot of the living room, with the graphic wallpaper, mid-century table and lamp, and the turquoise floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, complete with a glass corner case for liquor storage

Бирюзовый цвет в интерьере

Whether you choose curtains, blinds or shades, each option provides more than just a fashion statement.