Ekaterina Karaeva

Ekaterina Karaeva

Ekaterina Karaeva
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Artist Spends 5 Years Covering Entire Kitchen in Millions of Glass Beads | Bored Panda

View of 'Kitchen' - © Aaron Chang, Tom Powell/Courtesy of Liza Lou - Beaded kitchen by Liza Lou - everything is covered with beads, applied by the artist with a pair of tweezers.

Paper Mache Angel Chair, this was a DIY project (not mine) made from an old chair, cardboard and paper mache!

This was made for me ♡♥♡♥★♥ MatMcCoy-Designs-Angel-Chair (Ultimate Paper Mache tutorials, ideas, conversation.

Great Idea!  My great-aunt used this idea between layers of my wedding cake...it was gorgeous!

Inverted wine glasses as candle holders is such a cute idea, and the roses really make it gorgeous. The possibilities are endless, and wineglasses are CHEAP. wineglasses can even be plastic