Polygon Garden

Polygon Garden

What could be better, than friendship between design and nature? We think, nothing.You can buy our items via Etsy. Stay inspired!
Polygon Garden
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mini planter gift box succulent planters set small indoor plant pot housewarming gift - ceramic planter alternative

Geometric Planter Set of succulent planters set Small Office Gift small plant pots Mini Planters geometric air plant holders

Handmade Diamond Teardrops Shape Hanging Glass Geometric Terrarium Display Planter Succulent Air Plants Holder Tabletop Miniature Diy Decor Box Indoor Greenhouse Centerpiece Vase

This pineapple air plant holder is made out of reclaimed wood and painted a tropical yellow or gold. It has a very strong magnet attachment.Very cute gift or ho

Diamond Terrarium Enamel Pin Badge Brooch by finestimaginary on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/249005319/diamond-terrarium-enamel-pin-badge

Terrarium pin - enamel pin - lapel pin - cactus pin - geometric terrarium - succulent terrarium - enamel jewellery - cactus gift by finestimaginary on Etsy (null)



A nerdfest about 5 carnivorous plants — including one you can grow today!

An old-fashioned dome makes a perfect container for tall plants. This group of insectivorous plants -- Scarlet Belle pitcher plant, purple-blooming Mexican butterwort and Venus fly trap -- grows in sphagnum moss. The raised dome allows insects to enter.

Victorian Stained Glass Terrariums by Ron Gladkowski

from a site called the terrarium museum This is also known as a Wardian case. Named after some Victorian guy who realised that you could keep plants alive long enough to transport in these glass cases.