Vanessa Winship: Georgia: Seeds Carried by the Wind Photograph: Vanessa Winship

Vanessa Winship: the great, unsung chronicler of the world's outsiders

Vanessa Winship, Untitled, from the series Georgia. Seeds Carried by the Wind, 2008 - 2010 © Vanessa Winship

Vanessa Winship

Powerfully Documenting Cultural Borders

Photographer Vanessa Winship has spent the last decade traveling between Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, and the Balkan Peninsula, capturing culturally distinct

© Vanessa Winship


Sans titre, Série Sweet Nothings, 2008 © Vanessa Winship / Agence VU' - Tous droits réservés

Quand les portraits envahissent Vichy, de Vanessa Winship à Liu Bolin

Vanessa Winship - Sweet Nothings: Rural Schoolgirls from the Borderlands of Eastern Anatolia

Vanessa Winship

georgian girl photographed by vanessa winship

“I would like to step out of my heart
 and go walking beneath the enormous sky.” Rainer Maria Rilke, from “Lament"

From Sweet Nothings: Schoolgirls of Eastern Anatolia Vanessa Winship