Afghanistan: Broken Promise by Moises Saman

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Broken Promises, Magnum Photos, Afghanistan

Broken Promises, Afghanistan

Moises Saman's Stunning Photos of Humanity in Conflict Zones: "Kunar Province, Afghanistan. March Afghan soldiers carry a wounded comrade into an American medevac helicopter after a Taliban ambush near the village of Tsunek.

Broken Promises, Afghanistan

Back from Afghanistan, a former Marine bears witness to the estrangement of the home front

March Afghan National Army soldiers under fire during a Taliban ambush take cover in a dry irrigation canal in Marja.

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Broken Promises, Afghanistan

A coal miner takes a shower after a day’s work in a coal mine near Pul-e-Kumree, northern Afghanistan.

A boy covers his eyes during a sandstorm in the southern city of Kandahar, Afghanistan in March Photo by photojournalist Moises Saman for Magnum Photos.

Marja's new district chief meeting with local elders. March A signed print by from his series now available in the Magnum Store. Explore more in the Magnum store - link in bio. by magnumphotos

October bombardment of Taliban positions near Bagram Airport in the Shomali Plain, north of Kabul.

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March An American soldier seen through night-vision goggles during a nighttime patrol.