AmonRa – Марина Влади (Мари)

AmonRa – Марина Влади (Мари)


victoriousvocabulary: FLAMMIFEROUS [adjective] producing or bright with flame. Etymology: ultimately from Latin flamma, “a flame; burning gas or vapour” + ferre, “to bear”. [Aditya Ikranegara - The Little Match Girl]


Addams Family Cousin Itt with Antlers vs Beautiful Long Red Flowing Hair: So what do you think? Is it cousin itt from the addams family or is it a beautiful set


"Golden Girl" - Michael Garmash, oil on canvas {contemporary figurative artist beautiful female redhead woman face portrait painting} Demure !


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If every morning you will Wake up thinking that today will happen something good, so be it.

В клетке

Photographer Anita Anti creates some absolutely stunning images by taking fairy tale characters or just ideas from nature and adding some beautiful twists on them.