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Dragon Sitting Tutorial by shiari on DeviantArt:

Apprendre à dessiner un dragon

A tutorial on how to draw a dragonhead from the side. (This is part of a tutorial series.

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4 минуты в день, чтобы подтянуть бедра и живот всего за 1 месяц

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Japanese, Chinese inspired drawing from Christina Lorre

We understand the need of the teenage mind. In the next 20 minutes you are going have a list of cool and creative drawing ideas for teenagers.

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Simple mermaid - like this, but I would give her a curvaceous bottom and a broader waist with a soft scaled pattern on her fin :)


Daily Paint Cookie Wookie Monster by Cryptid-Creations Time-lapse, high-res and WIP sketches of my art available on Patreon (:

Daydream by 現世妄執

Daydream by 現世妄執