Follow the man who’s currently walking the length of the Nile

China’s first-ever tourism law—designed mostly to protect Chinese travelers—is now in effect

An info graph on a person maybe in front of a house and hand written the benefits of having a tax depreciation like in this photo. And then another one who doesn't have a tax depreciation report.

Patch Co. | The Pennsylvania State Park Initiative Badges

Supporting State Parks Through Rad Design -

"Supporting State Parks through Rad Design," story featured on ModCloth. Flat badge designs by student Caleb Heisey.

Discover Australia - - Map

Discover Australia Map- The beautiful colours and how a wide range of them all work together is really intriguing.

The Grand Budapest hotel graphics via

The Grand Budapest Hotel's properties. Side of the hotel, which advertises in a rather unconventional way, by presenting historically important guests.


Logo Inspiration

de/leistungen/corporate-design/logo-gestaltung ************* Inside circle- softens it

Follow Our Journey Timeline "Around the world in 100 days"

Timeline nice different layout that stresses events and news. maybe one side could be events the other news?

Space travel full

Space Travel Web Design Fivestar Branding – Design and Branding Agency & Inspiration Gallery

Scandinavian adventure badges! Volvo Cross Country Travels. Illustrations by Anton Eriksson, directed by Jakob Nylund. (North Kingdom with Forsman & Bodenfors for Volvo.)

Volvo Cross Country Travel badges by Designchapel (Sweden)