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One of the biggest scoops out of Japanese magazines this week focuses on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV – the CGI companion film set to launch ahead of Final Fantasy XV proper. Both Dengeki PlayStation and Famitsu have major spreads focusing … Continue rea

Major-General, officer and uryadnik (NCO). 1919-20. Cossack in the initial regimental uniform. 1919

Major-General, officer and uryadnik (NCO). Cossack in the initial regimental uniform.

Hannelore Knuts by Catherine Servel

Hannelore Knuts undergoes a striking transformation for an Exhibition magazine shoot by Catherine Servel with styling by Catherine Newell-Hanson.



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Hard copy picture, found during standard post-deployment minimization and reclamation op. Caption reads: Markus: I told you, it was the fucking Cleaners. I pulled this of Einhardt's cortex, last thing the poor bastard saw.