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a white statue holding a glass ball on top of it's head and body
three bottles with figurines in them sitting on a table next to each other
Test Tubes and Models, volume 36
by artist Shikasan Peropero. Tokyo, Japan
Want to create a resin pendant acorn-inspired? 🌰
📕🌷A combination of art and creativity, Book Vase adds more beauty to your room.
an open book sitting on top of a cement block
Book Art All-Stars
Jonathan Callan
there is a small gnome sitting on top of a cement block with a red hat
Fun hidden things
there are several pictures of different objects made out of concretes and cement blocks, including an object that looks like a house
four cement blocks with different shapes and colors on them, all stacked up in front of each other
Works → David Batchelor
Works → David Batchelor
three pictures showing the process of making cheese
How To Cast Anything With This Two Ingredient Mold