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three colorful hair clips with flowers and butterflies on them
How to make clothes pin butterflies
three different colored candles are wrapped in plastic wrap
May the 4th be with you! Celebrate with lightsaber popsicles
a close up of a woman wearing a headband with flowers and beads on it
How to make a delicate wire and sequin crown
the handlebars on this pink bike are decorated with purple and black ribbones
How to make bike streamers for your handlebars
three corks with faces and hair on them
So many simple elements make adorable figures
a metal plate with fish and seaweed in it on a blue wall next to a door
Paper plate aquarium and more Earth Day crafts
Christmas Crafts, Craft Stick Crafts, Popsicle Stick Catapult, Preschool Crafts, Catapult
Let’s catapult into some fun for St Patrick’s Day
there are many different types of clowns on this wooden board with pom poms
Pom pom plus peanut make me smile and will do the same for you!
five small knitted dolls are lined up on a table
Russian doll peanuts!
two hands holding different colored spools with text overlaying how to make spool racers
How to make recycled wood spool toys in pretty colors
three finger puppets made to look like animals
Cute monster finger puppets perfect for pretend play
a necklace made out of different pieces of paper and beads on a blue background with a string
How to make “junk” art beads and necklaces
there are many crayons that are in the box on top of the table
Tons of back-to-school crafts including a fun rainbow crayon display box
two plastic water bottles with red and green leaves on them, one is shaped like an apple
DIY Plastic Bottle Apple - Back to School or Teacher's Gifts
DIY Plastic Bottle Apple Gift Boxes - quick and easy to make - a great Back To School gift idea for a teacher!