Russia / Мир в фотографиях день за днем
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Russia Plans To Deploy Coastal Defense Division About 50 Miles From US State Of Alaska International Business Times


joecatholic: “ Scantily clad activists of feminist group Femen invaded a conference at a university in Brussels. During the act, demonstrators threw water on the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels,.


Mantis - Two Tonne Turbo Diesel Hexapod Walking Machine. This would be great for some post-apocalyptic exploration - if only it wasn't so slow! Just gotta make it bulletproof and mount a few mini guns on it.


Granddad builds Batmobile from Daewoo Matiz for his grandson

Violin from Titanic

Titanic violin found: Auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son say an instrument unearthed in 2006 is the violin that was played by bandmaster Wallace Hartley, of the Titanic, as the ocean liner sank. He and his band perished in the disaster.

Range Rover

Range Rover

Sexy new Jaguar F-Type sports car has a top speed of 186mph

Sexy new Jaguar F-Type sports car has a top speed of

Putin and dogs

Never one to shy away from a photocall opportunity, Russia's President Vladimir Putin lies on the snow during a walk with dogs in Moscow. Putin walked with Bulgarian shepherd and Akita Inu breed of dogs.


A chameleon grabs an insect with its long tongue. Their tongues can be around twice as long as the chameleons body and they have a sticky tip to catch their prey