gorgeous wing tattoo idea ! I wouldn't mind this. It kind of reminds me of a fallen angel wing.

Icarus Ink Wing tattoo by Brandon McCamey, via Behance. Normally I don't like wings, but these I could do.sweet tattoo idea if you mirrored the wings and put a something in between them.

traditional tattoo

Traditional tattoo Hourglass by ~Psychoead on deviantART My idea: Be fearless at top. Life's to short to worry on the left and life's to long yo wait on the right. Love this girls idea

tattly -- popsicles


Who doesn't love a delicious ice cream? The set includes four fun popsicles that are guaranteed not to melt away in the summer sun!

Dit zou een mooie tattoo zijn..

Lion sketch tattoo by ~quidames on deviantART. Again, A really beatiful lion tattoo sketch

that's a tattoo idea! - Tattoo Ideas Central

Cool blue heart tattoo idea--it'd be cool to do a colored Z with black/gray something like this

50 Examples of Moon Tattoos | Cuded

50 Examples of Moon Tattoos

black only art nouveau tattoo. lady kissing the moon "I Woke Up Near The Sea"

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Like the placement.tattoo old school / traditional ink - doll face / butterfly pinup


Warning, the images you are about to see will give you a major travel boner

Gypsy is a much prettier word than hippie, which is what I used to say. Hippie, but no drugs. From now on gypsy it is.