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Wildflowers - Hummingbird & Butterfly Scatter Garden Seed Mix

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Includes a mix of the 23 of the most popular flower varieties known to attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies!  Scatter this mix of seeds in your garden for the most beautiful assortment of flowers you've ever seen. Wildflower establishment requires some important steps: Site selection/preparation: It's important to address competition from weeds: pull, till, or use organic herbicides. If planting in the spring/summer you can wait for weeds to germinate, control and then plant the wildflower seeds. Seeding:  You will want to have good seed to soil contact, broadcasting by hand is a good approach on small plot, may want to mix with an inert carrier, sand or other. Raking in and covering with soil 2-3 times seed thickness. Watering: During establishment for the first month, can be from rain in spring or supplement with irrigation. Timing: The best time to plant is in spring to early summer and even again in late fall. This mix includes all of the following seed varieties: GENUS/ SPECIES COMMON NAME PLANT TYPE PLANT HEIGHT (inches) FLOWER COLORS 1. Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Milkweed Perennial 24 to 36 Orange 2. Aquilegia caerulea Mrs. Scott Elliot Perennial 24 to 36 Yellow/Red/Violet/Blue 3. Antirrhinum tetra Snapdragon Annual 24 to 36 Lavender/Yellow/Pink/White 4. Callistephus chinensis Aster Annual 24 to 36 Blue/Pink/White/Purple 5. Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmos Sensation Mix Annual 36 to 60 White/Pink/Crimson/Rose 6. Cynoglossum amabile Chinese Forget Me Not Annual/Biannual 18 to 20 Blue 7. Delphinium consolida Larkspur Giant Imperial Mix Annual 12 to 26 White/Pink/Blue/Violet 8. Digitalis purpurea Foxglove Biannual/Perrenial 24 to 48 Purple/Cream 9. Gilia tricolor Bird's Eyes Annual 12 to 18 Lavender-White 10. Lavatera trimestris Treemallow Annual 24 to 48 White/Pink 11. Linaria maroccana Toadflax Annual 12 to 24 Pink/Yellow/Violet 12. Lobularia maritima Alyssum, Carpet of Snow Annual 8 to 16 White 13. Lychnis chalcedonica Maltese Cross Perennial 24 to 36 Scarlet 14. Mirabilis jalapa Four O'clock Tender Perennial 12 to 24 Red/Pink/Yellow.White 15. Monarda citriodora Lemon Mint Annual 12 to 24 Lavender/White 16. Nicotiana alata Tobacco Plant Annual 12 to 24 Red/White/Green/Yellow 17. Papaver rhoeas Red Corn Poppy Annual 12 to 30 Red 18. Penstemon strictus Gloxinia Penstemon Perennial 24 to 36 Blue 19. Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage Annual/Perennial 12 to 24 Red 20. Silene armeria Catchfly Annual/Biannual 16 to 22 Pink 21. Tagetes erecta Marigold Crackerjack Annual 24 to 36 Yellow/Orange 22. Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Annual 12 to 36 Red/Yellow/Orange/Pink 23. Zinnia elegans Zinnia Annual 12 to 36 White/Purple/Yellow/Orange/Red
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