there is a ladder next to a wall with red polka dots on it and a cat sitting on a stool in the foreground

Muted colourful polka dot wall stickers, Irregular Boho polka dot wall stickers, Confetti wall decals, Playroom nursery kids room Boho decor

Pack of 150 irregular shapes, various sizes from approximately 1 to 4 inches (approximately 2.5 to 10 cm). One set will cover a surface of approximately 3x2m (10x7 feet), depending on how much space is allowed between shapes. HOW TO BUILD MY OWN PALETTE? Please select 'Build my own palette" and then leave a note at checkout. You can select up to 8 colours per set. Example: Palette 1: A, B and E Palette 3: G and H etc. You are welcome to bring your own colours too, please send us good…
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