Luxury ladies fingerless  gloves   Pure wool gloves by beaulyben Gloves, Rings, Lady, Fingerless Gloves, Wool Gloves, Fingerless, Cloak, Wool, Knitted

Luxury Ladies Fingerless Gloves Pure Wool Gloves Gloves Made With the Same Wool That Has Made Lord of the Rings Costumes - Etsy UK

beautiful charcoal grey fingerless gloves. They are knitted in a pure new Zealand wool from a very special flock of sheep. They are made with wool from the same flock of sheep that has made the fellowship cloaks and other outfits from the hobbit and lord of the rings trilogies and outfits for Narnia and other movies. They are soft but so warm and hard wearing. They will fit an average ladies hand. This wool cannot be bought anywhere else except on this one farm in New Zealand. These gloves…


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