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Legacybox 40-piece Kit with Thumb Drive Digital Download

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Legacybox 40-piece Kit with Thumb Drive Digital Download and Expedited Processing
Legacybox is the best way to preserve your past. Simply pack your memories in the Legacybox kit, attach the pre-paid UPS shipping label and send it off. Professionals will digitize every item and return it on the cloud, thumb drive, or labeled DVD, along with all your original media. Legacybox takes all kinds of media including Tapes, Film, Photos, and Audio. Receive a thumb drive and digital download link. Offer includes expedited processing to get your order in 3-4 weeks. Safeguard your irreplaceable home movies and photos with Legacybox.
What You Get
Welcome guide with instructions
Barcodes to tag your items
Sturdy box for packing your items
All digitizing
Pre-paid UPS return shipping label
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