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Forest Stream in Early Spring - Canvas Print / Modern Wall Art / Wall Decor / Artwork

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Experience the calm beauty of a forest stream with our canvas print. This impressionistic piece captures the light cyan hues of a sparkling stream as it winds its way through a blue forest. Early morning sunrays dapple the scene, creating shimmering reflections and enhancing the high-keyed palette. This enchanting canvas print brings a touch of serene nature into your home, making a beautiful addition to any wall decor or art collection.
General Information:
- Premium 100% Natural Cotton Canvas
- 380 GSM, 18 mill Canvas
- Genuine Archival PIGMENT Ink (Produced to last over 100 years)
- UV-protective coating
- Tight stretched and folded corners by hand
- Mirrored edges
- Stretched on a polished 1,4" (3,5cm) pinewood framework
- Ready to Hang with hanging hardware on the back
- Several Protective layers, placed in a strong cardboard box.
- Professionally Handmade with Care!
Detailed Description:
We kick things off with 100% Natural Cotton Canvas that's handpicked for its amazing texture and authenticity. This canvas is heavy-duty with a weight of 380 GSM, 18 mill thickness, so it's gonna last and capture every tiny detail of your images like a boss.
We've got your back when it comes to keeping those prints vibrant. We use genuine archival PIGMENT ink that's specially made to stand the test of time. No fading here, folks. Your artwork will stay bright and beautiful for years, even if you've got some serious lighting going on.
Worried about your prints getting beat up by the sun? Fear not! Our canvas prints come with a slick UV-protective coating. It's like sunscreen for your artwork, shielding it from those nasty UV rays and keeping the colors popping. So go ahead and hang those prints in the sunniest spots without worry.
We take our stretching game seriously. Our canvas prints are stretched by pros on a solid pinewood frame that's been carefully polished to perfection. We're talking about a frame that's 1.3" (3cm) thick, so your artwork stays put and looks flawless.
And don't even get us started on the corners. We fold those babies by hand like champs, giving your canvas prints a slick, seamless finish. It's all about the details, right? Our skilled artisans make sure those corners are on point, so you get that extra touch of class.
Hanging your canvas print is a breeze. We've got you covered with hanging hardware already attached to the back. No need to go digging through your toolbox or struggling with complicated instructions. Just find the perfect spot, pop it on the wall, and boom! You're rocking that centerpiece like a boss.
Oh, and have you heard about mirrored edges? Yeah, it's a thing. We extend the image of your artwork around the sides of the canvas, giving it some serious depth and dimension. It's like your print is flexing from every angle, demanding attention and making a statement.
We're all about creating the ultimate canvas prints with our super meticulous collection. From top-notch materials to killer attention to detail, our prints scream elegance, durability, and pure visual appeal. So level up your space with our canvas prints and let your artwork shine like the superstar it is.
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