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Extremely Rare Enhyrdo Brandberg Crystal Specimen With Moving Bubble Smokey Amethyst, Natural Blow Out, Found in Namibia, Africa - Etsy

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Brandberg / Goboboseb Crystals
Extremely rare and exclusively found in one place in Namibia, Africa, Brandbergs are a super high vibrational variety of quartz named after the region where they are found. Brandbergs form in a unique ecosystem. A mountain oasis surrounded by the world’s most ancient desert.
Brandbergs are usually a blend of amethyst, clear and smoky quartz. They are also known to have enhydro inclusions, an extremely rare phenomenon where moving bubbles of water are trapped within the crystal.
Brandberg Mountain, also called the “Burning Mountain” by the indigenous Darmara people and “Mountain of the Gods” by the Heroro people, is considered a sacred site. Thousands of paintings and carvings have been discovered within the caves and hanging rocks. The mountain top blazes with orange light at sunset.
Specimens from this region are named “Brandberg” after this Sacred Mountain but are most likely from the Goboboseb Mountain or another nearby place, as it is very rare for specimens to be removed from Brandberg Mountain itself. Those that are will often be referred to as “Brandberg Proper”.
Brandberg is a versatile crystal, and each carries the resonance of clear, smoky, and amethyst vibration. Long believed to be a powerful stone for spiritual alchemy and an effective crystal tool to aid in healing work on all levels.
Enhance meditation, regression, and auric healing. It calls in positive light and is considered a gatekeeper that protects against psychic attacks and repels negative energy.
Enhydro crystals form in skeletal layers and then trap the fluid inside the crystal while it is forming. The liquid inside is over a hundred million years old! Gas trapped inside the chamber of an enhydro allows the bubble to move. This is called a “two phase” enhydro and are a more valuable type, as you can see a bubble moving within the crystal. Why are Enhydros so rare? Well, the high temperatures present when the crystal forms usually vaporise any liquid, thus the entrapment and survival of liquid inside the chamber requires an extremely specific set of circumstances. Additionally, these trapped bubbles can boil, expand, and explode outwards when under intense high levels of heat and pressure. This can create a “blow out” which can be seen in this specimen.
"One-phase" enhydros are static and do not move but a “three phase” inclusion is another extremely type of enhydro that is composed of gas, fluid and a third element. (Typically a fragment of crystal or other inclusion material that can be seen floating withing the bubble.) Multiple enhydros in a single crystal is exponentially rare.
Enhydro crystals have strong water-element properties, and are thus strongly associated with purification & cleansing, the emotional body and of course the moon. Excellent for clearing metaphysical blockages, inspiring restoration and balance, as well encouraging one to express their true feelings.
80mm x 50mm x 40mm
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