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Welcome to the Seear Lights store.
We are based in Dorset, England and have been trading on Etsy since 2010
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This Model: 12 or 24 Aurora AB Mix
A mixed assortment of chandelier droplet chains. We have picked out a selection from our aurora borealis cut glass droplets collection and created these delicious sets. Each set is made up from chains of droplets where each chain consists of a 14 mm octagonal glass droplet connected to a larger pendant piece.
The set comprises of:
72 mm slant bottomed blunt icicle shaped droplet: total hanging depth of 91 mm
37 mm Oval shaped droplet: total hanging depth of 55 mm
53 mm Orb shaped droplet: total hanging depth of 71 mm
50 mm Leaf shaped droplet: total hanging depth of 68 mm
In the case of the 12-piece set there are 3 of each model and the 24-piece set has 6 of each model.
Silver connectors are already fitted for ease of use. We do however stock a wide array of other connector styles if you need them.
Like all of our droplets these pieces are machine cut and polished with superior precision detailing. Whether illuminated or in a darker space, they emit an array of multi-coloured rainbows. I have tried to capture this with my photographs using different flash exposures.
Being solid glass and free of nasty old lead content, our pieces are lighter in weight than old dusty antique crystals. This makes them even more suitable to use in bulk on more modern light fittings and chandelier frames. This does not compromise their quality or durability.
This model is available in other colours and this colour is available in other shapes.
View my store for all the options available:
Please note - ALL items for sale in my store are kept in stock. Our chandelier droplets are not lesser quality copies from dubious places!
Our customers use our crystals for all manner of applications:
- On chandeliers as replacement parts
- On chandeliers to complement their existing droplets to enhance a sparse looking pendant
- Home decoration to add an accent colour to a room
- Adding to clothing & accessories
- Using on crafts projects, beading designs or gifts and other unique creations
- At a wedding, birthday or prom party as event decorations
- Charms as wishing charms at a wedding party
- At Christmas, these droplets look great on a Christmas Trees as hanging ornaments
- Sun Catchers hung in the window to brighten an uninviting space
- In the garden, balcony or back yard to add a flash of colour – ideal when plants aren’t flowering
We would love to see your finished projects and learn of other ways our chandelier crystals are being used. With your permission, we would love to share your pictures that you may wish to share with us!
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