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Bronze calla lily, girlfriend gift, wife present, 8th wedding anniversary, alternative wedding decor, metal flower, memorial flower, bronze

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A beautiful bronze Calla Lily entirely crafted from scratch. Made from sheet bronze and steel rod.
Please be aware that owing to the different bronze alloys available from suppliers at any given time the bronze rose can have slight colour variations from a yellow gold to a rose gold hue.
Flowers are beautiful but never last why not give a lily that will never die to show your eternal love. Lilies mean eternal.
Each lily is slightly different due to the handmade nature of the lilies.
They can be displayed on the side or look just as stunning in a vase/bottle or mount them up on the wall.
They have a tactile quality to them and are sprayed with varnish to preserve the look.
The lily is roughly 30cm in length and 8cm width.
Please get in touch if you'd like a variation or to work with me to create your own idea.